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The satisfaction of our customers is our success

Who are we

Founded in 2000, P&C Da Nang is one of the leading polymer distributors in Vietnam.

By 2011, P&C Da Nang became a distributor of PP plastic beads T3034 and PO I3110 from Binh Son refinery with a capacity equivalent to 6000 tons / month.

In addition, P&C Da Nang also distributes some plastic beads from reputable manufacturers such as Basell, Qamar, Dow, Lotte, PTT, APPC …

Not only supplying plastic beads to domestic areas, does P&C Da Nang meet the demand for polymer in the Southeast market.

Asia and China.

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Our vision

We are one of the leading distributors and solutions for the Vietnamese polymer market. We always try our best to help customers achieve the advantages and sustainable growth.

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How do we work?


We are knowledgeable about the products of each customer, committed to providing the right products with technical requirements and product specifications, in accordance with the production schedule.

Sustainable development

We aim at long-term relationships and offer the best solutions for each customer.


We aim to work together for mutual benefits. Committed to meeting the needs of customers at the most competitive prices.


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With over 20 years of experience, with office and warehouse systems in three regions, we understand the details and specificities of different needs of each customer.

Experienced and professional staff.
Warehouse System At Three Regions:

+ Hanoi: Kieu Ky and Gia Lam.

+ Da Nang: Tho Quang.

+ Ho Chi Minh: Sacombank, Song Than industrial park, Binh Duong.

Flexible Logistic System

We own many container trucks, trucks and pickup trucks that can meet the exact delivery and quantity requirements of our customers.


We are pleased to bring you a variety of products


We have a very experienced staff.

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We meet a variety of customer needs

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